This page was last updated: March 10, 2010

Mark and Craig's List of Bad TV Shows From Our Childhoods

When Craig and I worked at Bimex (mid 80's to early 90's), we came up with a list of really, really bad TV shows. I was cleaning up some old junk (yes, I do that from time to time - well, ok, not very often) and found the list. Here it is for all to enjoy. Of course, this list is NOT all-inclusive, nor could it ever be. New, awful shows are created all the time.

Shows with a * mean the show was bad, but had some sort of "redeeming quality". Looking back, I think a few more shows would get an asterisk, but the list MUST remain as-is!

Gentle Ben What's Happening *Fall Guy
*Baywatch Land Of the Lost *Matt Houston
*It's a Living Chips Incredible Hulk
Maude *Bosom Buddies Charles In Charge
Hardy Boys One Day at a Time Alice
Hello Larry Fantasy Island Flo
The Gong Show The Love Boat LATE Happy Days
Laverne and Shirley Facts Of Life Brady Bunch
Gimme a Break Gilligan's Island Partridge Family
Joanie Loves Chachi Flipper 8 is Enough
Space 1999 Fish Dance Fever
Knight Rider Solid Gold Room 222
*BJ and the Bear Flying Nun The A Team
Rhoda Donnie and Marie Get a Life
*Charlie's Angels Captain and Tenille *Wonder Woman
*Three's Company That Girl CPO Sharkey
*Too Close For Comfort Carter Country Family
The Ropers She's the Sheriff Benji
Riptide Man From Atlantis Bewitched
Mama's Family Baretta Courtship of Eddie's Father
Fernwood Tonight Remington Steele Private Benjamin
Good Times Hart to Hart Apple's Way
Webster Amen Mr Ed
Different Strokes 227 T.J. Hooker
Gomer Pyle Jeffersons Dear John
Enos Police Woman Airwolf
My Favorite Martian Six Million Dollar Man
*I Dream Of Jeannie Bionic Woman

So, after a couple days of compiling this list, we started to wonder if there were any good shows from our childhood that we could list. Here's what we came up with.

MASH EARLY Happy Days St Elsewhere
Barney Miller Moonlighting Taxi
Bob Newhart All In the Family Hill Street Blues
Newhart Battlestar Galactica Hunter
Hogan's Heroes Muppets Sledgehammer
Black Sheep Wild Wild West F Troop (This is from Gary)
Soap WKRP Lou Grant