This page was last updated: March 10, 2010

Here's the latest news on the Duster.
No need to wade through the whole project page to see where I'm at!

Drag Racing

Can I say the car is "done"? We drove about 50 miles to Union Grove, raced all evening, and drove home. That sounds a lot like "done" to me. It needs some details. I'm working on the grille. It needs a side view mirror. The speedometer needs to be calibrated (it's electric and programmable).

The drag strip was fun, but it took a while before I settled down and got almost comfortable. It's hard to launch a four speed just right. It's easy to bog once the tires bite, and it's easy to light up the tires and go no place.

At the end of the night, my ET was 12.98 at 105MPH. Outstanding! My 60 foot time was 2.13, which is not good I guess. The car could use 3.91 gears because I'm shifting into fourth gear just before the traps. 

The car goes straight and is not scary at 105MPH, so the suspension and alignment must be good! The hood didn't fly apart either.

Look at the picture of the car at rest and look where the front wheel sits in the fender opening. Now look at the last picture. Oh yeah!

On Labor Day, Spencer and I went racing again. I made no changes at all, but Spencer tried out some drag slicks. My best ET that day was 12.77. We got to run each other a couple times, which was fun. Unfortunately, Spencer only saw my car at the starting line. Look at the slicks in the second picture. Yeah, they hook.

I borrowed a set of 3.91 gears and on November 15th, Anne and I headed to Union Grove.

I made about 6 runs or so, with a best ET of 12.478 at 110 mph. Yeah, the gears help! I think it could use 4.10's for racing, but those would be marginal on the street.