This page was last updated: March 10, 2010

Here's the latest news on the Duster.
No need to wade through the whole project page to see where I'm at!

Minor Changes

Last year's best time was a 12.26 at 112MPH. This new best came courtesy of a 4.30 gear set. Craig tells me I spun the tires hard enough off the line that I got smoke. Not during the burnout, during the launch! Still, I knew at the end of the strip that it was a good run. With the new gears I also got some wheel hop. It may have always been there, but it REALLY shows up now. So, Spencer loaned me some stuff to try and improve my launches. I have welded in a VERY beefy plate under the floor, where the pinion snubber hits. Then I installed Spencer's old pinion snubber (from when he was running SS springs). I also installed a Spencer's Calvert 90/10 shocks. When I go racing, I'll also remove the anti-sway bar and exhaust. These few changes might get me to 11.99 !!

Also in the works is a new rear axle housing. Big Bear Tire told me I had 1/2" of toe-in in the REAR when they did my alignment. That explains why one axle shaft didn't install easily. I took an axle housing to Jim Ransom, who shortened it to my specs, welded on new housing ends, and added a back brace. I figured this was a great time to get the axle width just right - so I can fit the biggest possible tire under the car using zero-offset wheels. Now I need to order custom axles and new rear wheels. That will have to wait a while because I started my own business: Mullarky Business Systems, LLC. Until the business gets going, funds are a bit scarce!