This page was last updated: August 08, 2010


Originally, I planned to build the engine with a flat tappet cam, maybe a .484 Mopar Performane cam, Edelbrock heads, 10.5:1 compression, and Mopar M1 single plane intake.

Craig had Tom at NVR build him a 401 Buick, and it was something. Then Tom did a pair of heads for our orange truck. Really nice work. NVR is a race shop. They don't do standard rebuilds.

Tom's thing is to have a meeting with you, find out what you expect from the engine, then he builds it accordingly.

The 340 got bored .030, for nice, straight and true bores. The crank was ground. It got SRP forged pistons, Eagle H beam rods, Edelbrock heads, Edelbrock RPM dual plane intake, Milodon oil pan, and an MSD distributor. I also got Comp Cams Pro Magnum rockers. Compression ratio is 10:1 because I wanted the engine to run on pump gas, with no blending. The cam is a hydraulic roller with .530 lift and 230 degrees at .050 duration.

We did some dyno pulls.

On race gas, 465HP at 6000RPM and 466 lb ft torque at 4400RPM. 38 degrees advance. Yow! Power dropped when we backed off to 36 degrees advance, so back to 38. On pump gas, 458HP at 6000RPM and 462 lb ft torque at 4300RPM. Ran fine on pump gas at 38 degrees advance. The guys at NVR were pleasantly surprised that the pump gas number was so close to the race gas number.

You'll need Quicktime to play the video.