This page was last updated: March 10, 2010

Engine Compartment:

The front end being taken apart. The anti-sway bar on the floor is the '72 and earlier Addco bar.

Working on the inner fenders - a problem area on A-bodies. I welded up the holes that I don't plan to use for a cleaner look.

Started removing undercoating. This area was really thick. It seems the undercoating does more harm than good in some cases. It didn't let moisture drain out the bottom of seams.

This is a spot where rust had formed between the overlapped sheetmetal. I cut the section away. After this picture, I also trimmed the raggedy edge of the bottom piece of sheetmetal.

I cut a piece of sheetmetal to fit and welded it in place. This was actually a milestone in my welding, because I butt welded the sheetmetal and didn't melt it away. I ground the welds flush and with a little filler, it will look fine.

Here's the inner fenders with a coat of Eastwood Rust Encapsulator and a coat of "Chassis Black". I decided to make the wheelwells black because I thought it would look better if there's a gap between the tire and the fender. Ok, it was a lot easier this way, too. Maybe that's the real reason!

I got the engine compartment wire-brushed, then sandblasted the hard-to-reach areas. After that, I lightly sanded most areas with 180 grit.

Next, I sprayed on a coat of Rust Encapsulator

Then two coats of epoxy primer. This time around, I tried Painter's Pride sandable epoxy primer.

After some problems with fisheyes, and a LOT of wet sanding to remove them, I got the engine compartment painted.