This page was last updated: March 10, 2010


I needed some tools for this project and future projects. I bought a 4-1/2" grinder with cutoff wheels, grinding discs, and a wire brush. I also put in a gas furnace that I bought used. I bought a Miller welder and made a cart for my first project. I'm still not a great welder, but I'm getting better.

I also bought a Sharpe Cobalt spray gun, which is supposed to be good for primers and enamels, but not recommended for base/clear. You're supposed to have a finer tip and needle for that, I guess. Also bought a good 3M respirator. I not only use it for painting, but used it while wire brushing under the car. A dust mask doen't seem to fit tight enough to my face to do any good.

I borrowed a sheetmetal shear and an air chisel when I needed them. The air chisel is nice. I had visions of it ripping up sheet metal, but it does a pretty nice job.


This is a gas furnace I put in last year. It works great, but I need to get a digital thermostat so I can dial the temp down a bit. Sometimes it's too warm even at the lowest setting.
Also bought a sandblaster, which I have used a couple times. It will see more use when I start putting parts back on the car.